Prevent network outages caused by physical breaks, or bring connectivity to remote areas by leveraging mobile networks (LTE, 4G, 3G) with HardMountain’s seamless and easily configurable SD-WAN technologies.

Enterprise networks are only as good as their connectivity. With more and more applications moving to the Cloud or requiring network access to operate, the growing strain on current network technologies will only worsen as time goes by. Coax or Fiber circuits can suffer from countless accidents, ranging from physical breaks (eg. construction, car accident) to weather incidents (eg. flood, storm, and animals). Typically, these interruptions will affect all providers at once, as underground cabling usually follows the same trajectory.

As network access becomes increasingly critical, enterprises therefore require an alternate option to reach the Internet: cellular, or mobile networks. Mobile networks, whether LTE, 4G or 3G (and soon 5G), can be a strategic lifeline in several key scenarios:

To provide an uninterrupted access to resources when no other physical line is available;

To bring network access to remote areas where cabled connections are prohibitively expensive or simply unavailable;

To deliver connectivity in moving environments such as airplanes, trains and automobile

Hardmountain’s SDWAN and link balacing products are ideal to deliver these type of deployments to life, and to ensure that enterprise networks remain up and running at near-100% capacity. Any of our own HardMountain platform can support cellular links.

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